Japan Gallery 2006

I'd smile more if I weren't so tired.

Outdoor fish market near Ueno Station, Tokyo.

Japanese taco stand. (Taco is Japanese for octopus.)

In Yoyogi-koen Park, we met Gabez, a high energy Japanese dance group.

Air guitars.

I think they were dancing to a Michael Jackson song. lol.

Posing with one of the dancers. (He's pretty cute.)

So Harajuku.

Lost in translation.

With some cute Japanese schoolchildren. Awww.

Mmm...too bad it's all plastic.

More plastic food.

I really wanted that strawberry kiwi sundae too.

Looking for a place to eat. A back alley in Shinjuku.

--In Shinjuku, you take the Marunouchi Line. Change at Ginza to the Hibiya Line for Iriya. Got that??

--Uh, everything up 'til "in Shinjuku".

In my yukata (robe). I'm still learning how to tie my obi.

All I wanted was a Pepsi.