If You Were Rich and Famous

If you were rich and famous, what would you do with all your money and fame?

Feel free to send in your answer, and we'll post it on the website! :)

Go to Africa to help the Invisible Children =] if only ...
Jenna, age 15

I would give it all to charity, and some for me to use on my family and me!
Cody, age 13

I would donate it to someone who really needs it like people in Darfur, or help support breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, or something along those lines. I'm grateful for what I have, because I know many other people don't have anything near what I have.
Gaby, age 15

Do charity work.
Chanel, age 15

I would buy Michael Jackson's Dreamland playground :)
Kara, age 15

I would show girls that looks aren't everything, that money can't buy love and happiness, and probably donate a lot of it to poor countries, and pay for college and needs with the rest.
Jessica, age 18

I would donate some money, go shopping, buy a house, and I wouldn't be seen except for movies =]
Kayluh, age 14

If I were rich, I would buy clothes, shoes, accessories, and much more. I would help my family out and give them lots of money to buy things and pay bills. I would also give lots of money to many, many charities. That is what I would do with money and fame.
Teja, age 12

Donate it. I don't need the money. I got it good.
Stephanie, age 15

Buy myself my dream car (Escalade). And if I were famous ... then I'd just still live my normal lifestyle, but probably with a lot more friends (or people who call themselves my friends), and more clothes.
Dezi, age 15

I'd have a little fun, and help people =] I think laughter is the greatest thing in the entire world, and I'd probably be famous for making people laugh.
Natalie, age 18

I'd donate a ton of money to the Cancer Society & I'd advertise for PETA.
Liv™, age 16