What's Hot & What's Not?!

Last month Sweet Designs asked "What's hot?" in legwear and footwear? More importantly, what would you wear?? The first 100 respondents who followed the contest rules were eligible for a prize, and Darci from Tennessee won a pair of black and white striped tights ... which by coincidence she chose as hot!! Congrats! =)

Now for the results.

The Top 5 looks you thought were hot:

left to right

Ripped jeans and flip-flops were #1. (Big surprise there!) That's me in the photo, so I'm sufficiently flattered. lol.

A jeans skirt, white leggings, and Converse sneakers scored #2. So stylish!

Ripped jeans and pink Converse-style sneakers scored big at #3. A little of #1 and a little of #2 ... do I detect a pattern here?

#4 is me again (yay me!), posing in black and white striped leggings, available in the Sweet Designs store (shameless plug).

Rounding out your Top 5 is a jeans skirt, black leggings, and black ballet flats. Yours truly posed for this one too, so I can sleep soundly tonight feeling stylish and loved!

Incidentally, #6 of the 71 possibilities was Sweet Designs' black and gray leggings, also available in the store (final shameless plug).

Okay, so what was not??

left to right

Scoring at #1 ... in a bad way ... someone's butt ugly blindingly bright blue leg warmers with shin guards(?) with blue and neon lime sneakers. Good call!! I totally agree!

For the second most vomit inducing look, we're talking rainbow leggings and furry boots. Truth is, I kinda liked the rainbow leggings at least. I'm not sure which turned you off - you can always message me. 13 people DID put this on their Hot list. Photo is not me, so I'll get over it.

The third worst case of fashion suicide involved a pair of black furry knee highs. Not my taste either. Eww.

You also gave a big "thumbs down" to multiple mismatched socks, short leggings, and a lacy light blue skirt - true Harajuku style, photographed there. I guess if Harajuku fashion works for you, then you like it (24 people did, and so did I), and if not ...

Finally, Nike sneakers, with a dresser full of horrendously mismatched legwear. Oh well, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

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A final footnote:

My friend worked with me to write this piece, and is solely responsible for the "It's all about me" commentary. I told him, "Everyone will think I'm conceited." To which he replied, "You can't help it that you're a trend setter." To which I said, "I'm not a trend setter. "I'm the trend setter." Then I kicked him out of my office and went to bed.

Haha. Just playing, guys!  =P

Thanks to all who participated!
♥ Steph