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Let It Snow! - November 20th, 2007

I woke up this morning to find it snowing - the season's first snow! I can't believe how fast 2007 is going by. Thanksgiving is only two days away. For me, the first snow brings back a lot of childhood memories. My brother, my sister, and I would put on our warmest clothes, including our winter hats and gloves, and head outdoors to sled and build snow forts or snowmen until we couldn't feel our toes anymore. Then we'd go inside, and Mom would make us a delicious mug of hot cocoa. Unfortunately there's not enough snow for a snowman or snowball fight today, but just enough snowfall for holiday memories to return. This morning I treated myself to a large mug of hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows & marshmallow Fluff like we did when I was young.

I'm pretty excited for the holidays now. I always make fassoulia for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's an Armenian green bean casserole with tomato sauce and lamb. My grandmother used to make fassoulia every holiday, but since she passed away last year it's my job to step up and keep the tradition going. We typically forego mashed potatoes for rice pilaf as well. Just a way to show our appreciation for our ancestory. Plus, it tastes amazing! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!