California Road Trip '07

In March and April 2007, I took a two week road trip between San Diego and San Francisco. During my time in California, I had the awesome opportunity to tour the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, as well as Alcatraz, and I also attended two tapings of The Tonight Show ... and I personally met Jay Leno! Read the full story. You can also read about my Warner experience.

Hong Kong/Tokyo

In October 2006, I attended the China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong. I gained valuable experience talking with fashion suppliers, and I furthered my trend-spotting skills. I also spent time touring Hong Kong and Tokyo, gaining a better understanding of the cultures. One of my favorite locations was Shinjuku station in Tokyo, where everyone was going to and from the subway and trains. It was a great place for people, err ... fashion watching. I loved how each of the young Japanese women had her own individual style. Their creativity left me with the inspiration to design my own clothing line. For my full Asia experience, please go here. You can also check out my photo galleries, including my own runway poses.

Hong Kong Gallery
Japan Gallery


In June 2003, and again in June 2004, I traveled to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, with a team from my local church, to put on mini-vacation Bible school programs for the children. The most memorable experience was in an extremely poor village in the middle of nowhere. Many of the mothers and children we met were orphaned and forced to work for themselves. Although these families had close to nothing, they were still thankful to God for having tanto (so much).


From July 21-28, 2001, I left the United States for the first time, traveling to Haiti with my local church youth team. I was truly blessed by a ten year old Haitian girl in one of the villages. As the other children played, she tugged on my arm so as to have my full attention while she sang a song with me in English. While the other children begged for my bracelets, shoes, and even my glasses, this girl seemed to not even care about all that. Just to have someone to sing with and look up to was enough.

In a 2003 college essay, I wrote: "During those few moments, it didn't matter to her that she had an empty stomach, her clothes were dirty, and her sandals were worn out. While I pile my plate with food every day and try on new outfits at the mall, I am constantly reminded of the joy the Haitian people have despite their many difficulties in life. I have peace in my heart knowing that I made a difference in at least one girl's life there, for this is what I live for and the greatest accomplishment that can be made."