March 9, 2009

The March issue of Sweet Designs Magazine is now online, with 20 new articles and features. On the cover and inside the magazine (in 2 articles) we are pleased to feature the photography of Shawn from Kansas.

We also spotlight young artists I've come to appreciate. This month: Crafty stuff to snazzy up your space. Cool!

Double Gold Star writer and now freshman journalism major Mayra delivers an article from the heart, as she asks, given the economy and the decline of print magazines, can she still have her American Dream?

And Kate opens her series on Senior Year. She plans to guide apprehensive high school seniors like herself all the way into their college freshman year, sharing her experiences and what she learns. Enjoy Spring!!

Sweet Designs Magazine
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Happy Holidays!

Hope you are enjoying yours. I'm hosting family this year, so it's a bit more crazy than usual, but the kittens and I are doing great. Speaking of which, Angie and Allie, my twin mackerel tabbies, are 9 months old now, and as adventurous as ever. Allie is the playful hunter, and loves to do these 5+ foot vertical leaps to capture whatever I'm dangling. She has also taught herself how to flush the toilet - I think she likes the sound it makes ... or maybe it's the sense of accomplishment. Angie prefers to curl up on my lap, but also enjoys chasing her sister around the house.

Angie hanging out under the tree.

St. Nick was good to me this year. I got a cool new sewing machine. My next project: uh, learn how to use it!

Allie was surprised to see so many packages on Christmas morning.

On behalf of all 99 of our active and semi-active writers and staff,
Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year,

♥ Stephanie Lynn

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More Snazzy Graphics

For more glitters, layouts, and other graphics, be sure to check out the newest member of the Sweet Designs family:

Super Sweet Sixteen

Right now Super Sweet Sixteen features a ton of glitters, and I'm currently adding MySpace comments, layouts, and other graphics. Currently there are 409 to choose from, and more will be added regularly. So be sure to bookmark this page for your MySpace graphics needs!


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