Drop Down Menus

For the drop down menu above, please copy and paste one of the codes below into your MySpace or website. Feel free to change the appearance of your menu using the hints below.

Code for MySpace

Code for Website

To change the menu's background, font, and border colors, use the following color charts:
Color Chart by Hex Code *recommended*
Color Chart by Name

Hint: The "color:003566;" is the color of the text. Simply change the "003566" to the hex code or color name of your choice.
More information about using colors.

To change the font, you can change "trebuchet ms" to any of the fonts listed here. Also, feel free to change the "11" where its says "font-size:11px;" to whatever size you'd like.

To add more menu options simply copy and paste <option>MENU OPTION #1</option> for as many options as you want. :]

Good luck!
♥ Stephanie Lynn