(Last Updated 10.13.2007)
Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q. Are these layouts free?
A. Yes, of course!

Q. Did you make all these layouts yourself?
A. I certainly did! I am currently looking for design partners and contributors.

Q. How did you make the layouts?
A. Completely by hand in notepad. I have been working with HTML & CSS for about five years now.

Q. Do you make layouts for Livejournal, Xanga, Blogger, etc.?
A. I am only designing MySpace and website layouts at the moment. Feel free to suggest other social networks.

Q. Can you teach me how to _____?
A. Unfortunately, I do not have time to answer everyone's questions. BUT, you may check the tutorials to see if I have already provided help. If I do not have a tutorial for the topic you are looking for, then you may email me your suggestions.

Q. Can you please design more regular (not skinny) layouts?
A. For most of the layouts labeled "skinny", I've actually included the regular version code as well! Just be careful to take the one you want. :]

Q. Can you make me a custom layout?
A. At the moment, custom layout requests are OPEN. If you're a business, musical artist, photographer, artist, etc. looking for a fresh MySpace or website design, please email me at sweet2685@gmail.com for a quote.

Q. Can I donate a layout I designed to your website?
A. Of course! Just email me the layout code in notepad. This must be 100% your original work. I will let you know when and where your layout is hosted. I will be happy to give you credit for your contribution.

Q. Can I claim your layout designs as my own, remove the linkage, etc.?
A. No, you may not. I put a lot of time and effort into my layouts. I expect my terms and conditions to be taken seriously. So please do not remove the credit. If you have a layout site and would like to feature a layout of mine, feel free to contact me!

Q. May I contact you on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc.?
A. No, I'd prefer to be contacted by email.

Q. What is your MySpace?
A. Feel free to add me on both MySpaces:
1. www.myspace.com/sweet2685.
2. www.myspace.com/_extatic.