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I Heart SD   *improved*
SD Polkadots
SD Stripes
SD Swirls
SD Retro Flower Design (Pink)
SD Retro Flower Design (Teal)
SD Wacky Flowers (Pink)
SD Wacky Flowers (Blue)


Peach & Pink Diagonal Stripes
Purple Stripes
Blue & Green Stripes
Brunette Stripes
NavyBlue Colorful Stripes 1
NavyBlue Colorful Stripes 2
NavyBlue Colorful Stripes 3
Grey & Black Thin Stripes 1
Grey & Black Thin Stripes 2
Pink & White Stripes
Pink & White Stripes with Peach
Christmas Stripes
Pink & Orange Stripes
Teal & White Stripes
Natural Brown & Pink Stripes
Fuchsia Stripes
Purple & Teal Stripes
Purple & Pink Stripes
Spring Stripes
Lucky Charms Stripes
Sherbet Stripes
Beach Towel Stripes
Soft Stripes
Citrus Stripes 1
Citrus Stripes 2
Summery Stripes
Summery Diagonal Stripes
Blue & Grey Side Stripes
Pink & Grey Side Stripes
Large Orange & Green Stripes
Blue & Deep Purple Stripes
Large Blue Grey Stripes
Gold & Forest Green Stripes
Purple & Grey Glittered Stripes
Purple & Orange Sherbert Stripes
Diagonal Sky Blue Stripes
Diagonal Grey Stripes
Diagonal Orange Stripes
Diagonal Pink Stripes
Diagonal Purple Stripes
Diagonal Yellow Stripes
Grey & White Stripes
Grey & Yellow Stripes
Grey & Colorful Stripes
Pink Love Stripes 1
Pink Love Stripes 2
Plum & Gold Stripes
Cranberry & Purple Circle Stripes
Halloween Splattered Stripes
Pink & White Striped Circles
Blue & White Striped Circles
Thin Rainbow Stripes
Autumn Stripes
Autumn Stripes with Leaves
Thin Bright Colors & White Stripes
Thin Bright Blue & White Stripes
Thin Bright Purple & White Stripes
Thin Bright Pink & White Stripes
Thin Bright Orange & White Stripes
Thin Bright Olive & White Stripes
Thin Bright Olive & Orange Stripes
Thin Bright Pink & Orange Stripes
Thin Dark Grey Stripes


Cute Pink on Brown Polkadots
Sky Blue & White Polkadots
Orange 'n Cream Polkadots
Pink Pink Polkadots
Green Speckled Polkadots
NavyBlue Colorful Dots 1
NavyBlue Colorful Dots 2
NavyBlue Colorful Dots 3
Aero Polkadots
Red & Orange Polkadots
Red & White Polkadots
Lil Polkadots
Large Pink & White Polkadots
Large Black & White Polkadots
Large Black & Grey Polkadots
Large Pink & Yellow on Grey Polkadots
Polka Dots Love
Peachie Dots
Fuchsia Tiny Dots
Fuchsia Large Dots
Pink Polka Chaos
Summery Dots
White Dots on Pink & Blue Boxes
White Dots on Blue & Pink Boxes
Tiny Purple Dots
Tiny Blue Dots
Tiny Teal Dots
Tiny Green Dots
Tiny Yellow Dots
Tiny Orange Dots
Tiny Red Dots
Tiny White Dots on Red
Tiny Black Dots on White
Tiny White Dots on Black
Tiny Pink Dots 1
Tiny Pink Dots 2
Tiny Pink Dots on White
Tiny Purple Dots on White
Tiny Blue Dots on White
Tiny Teal Dots on White
Tiny Green Dots on White
Tiny Yellow Dots on White
Tiny Orange Dots on White
Tiny Red Dots on White
Tiny Pink & Green Dots on White 1
Tiny Pink & Green Dots on White 2
Large Reese's Dots
Large Orange Dots
Large Azalea Orange Dots
Large Azalea Chocolate Dots
Large Azalea Chocolate Mint Dots
Large Chocolate Mocha Dots
Large Navy & Grey Dots
Large Navy & Light Blue Dots
Large Pink & Azalea Dots
Pink & Brown Scratched Dots
Hot Pink Dots
Hot Pink & Orange Dots
Colorful Dots on Dark Grey
Colorful Dots on White
Electric Rainbow Small Dots
Electric Rainbow Large Dots


Red Heart Stripes
Yellow & Brown Retro Hearts
Yellow & Brown Retro Hearts
Red, Green & Yellow Hearts
Pink Stitched Heart
Blue Stitched Heart
Pink Heart Flowers
Funky Pink Hearts
Beating Pink Hearts ANIMATED
Pink Hearts & Grey Checkers
Pastel Hearts
Cute Pink Hearts
Cute Pink Hearts
Pink & Blue Hearts
Romantique Hearts
Hearts & Ribbons
Fuchsia Hearts
Pastel Heart Checkers
Pink Gradient Hearts
Green with White Hearts
Blue with White Hearts
Purple with White Hearts
Magenta with White Hearts
Red with White Hearts
Pink & Blue Cascade Hearts
Tiny Pink Hearts
Tiny Pink w/ White Hearts
Tiny Purple Hearts
Tiny Blue Hearts
Tiny Baby Blue Hearts
Tiny Green Hearts
Tiny Peach Hearts
Colorful Hearts Explosion
Black with White Hearts
White with Black Hearts
Summer Hearts
Drawn Hearts
Heart Scratches
Pink & Orange Hearts
Faded Pink & Orange Hearts
Unique White Hearts on Black
Unique White Hearts on Grey
Unique White Hearts on Pink
Unique White Hearts on Deep Red
Unique White Hearts on Orange
Unique White Hearts on Light Orange
Unique White Hearts on Green
Unique White Hearts on Sky Blue
Unique White Hearts on Purple
Unique Hot Pink Hearts on Black
Unique Black Hearts on Pink
Unique Yellow Hearts on Sky Blue
Unique Chocolate Mocha Hearts
Unique Citrus Hearts
Unique Pink, Purple, & Blue Hearts
Unique Faded Pink & Yellow Hearts
Neon Hearts
Red Heart Necklace
Sweet Citrus Hearts
Sweet Pink & Brown Hearts
Athletic Gold, Melon, & Brown Hearts
Gradient Rainbow Hearts
Hanging Rainbow Hearts
Hanging Pink Hearts
Gradient Halloween Hearts
Colorful Heart Drips
Blue Heart Circle Streaks
Deep Pink Heart Circle Streaks
Pink & White Hearts
Faded Hearts
Pale Pink Hearts
Pinkness Hearts
Smilie Heart
Pink Heart Rings
Colorful Rainbow Heart Rings
Bright & Colorful Hearts
Pink & Orange Hearts
Pink, Olive, & Blue Hearts
Pink, Yellow, & Blue Hearts
Pink Fading Hearts
Christmas Hearts
Colorful Patterned Hearts
Pink Patterned Hearts

Sweet Border Style

Hot Pink & Orange Dots Border 1
Hot Pink & Orange Dots Border 2
Colorful Dots Border
Grey Dots Border
Chocolate & Pink Dots Border
Chocolate Mocha Dots Border
Red Dots on White Border
Navy & Light Blue Dots Border
Purple Dots Border
Watermelon Dots Border
Pink Stripes Border
Grey Stripes Border
Bright Pink with Tiny White Dots Border
Hot Pink with Tiny White Dots Border
Light Pink with Tiny White Dots Border
Purple with Tiny White Dots Border
Sky Blue with Tiny White Dots Border
Blue with Tiny White Dots Border
Green with Tiny White Dots Border
Orange with Tiny White Dots Border
Redish Orange with Tiny White Dots Border
Bright Red with Tiny White Dots Border
Deep Red with Tiny White Dots Border
Chocolate with Tiny Pink Dots Border
Chocolate with Tiny White Dots Border
Black with Tiny White Dots Border
Teal with Tiny White Dots Border
Pink Gradient Border
Purple Gradient Border
Blue Gradient Border
Orange Gradient Border
Grey Gradient Border
Black with White Skulls Border
Black with Hot Pink Skulls Border 1
Black with Hot Pink Skulls Border 2
Pink with Black Skulls Border
Light Blue with Black Skulls Border
Black with Light Blue Skulls Border
Black with Light Blue & White Skulls Border
Black with Purple Skulls Border
Pink Hearts Border
Blue Hearts Border
Pink with White Hearts Border
Melon with White Hearts Border
Orange with White Hearts Border
Green with White Hearts Border
Blue with White Hearts Border
Purple with White Hearts Border
Colorful Checker Stripes
Punk Pink Checker Stripes


Rainbow Hearts
Rainbowness 1
Rainbowness 2
Paint Splatters 1
Paint Splatters 2
Rainbow Swirls
Tiny Rainbow Stars
Rainbow Flowers 1
Rainbow Flowers 2
Rainbow Love 1
Rainbow Love 2
Rainbow Hearts Explosion 1
Rainbow Hearts Explosion 2
Awesome Rainbow Stripes 1
Awesome Rainbow Stripes 2
Rainbow Clouds
Rainbow Sky w/ Planes
Rainbow Cloud Stream


Skullies on Hot Pink
Skullies on Pink
Skullies on Orange
Skullies on Light Orange
Skullies on Yellow
Skullies on Olive
Skullies on Teal Green
Skullies on Blue
Skullies on Purple
Skullies on Grey
Colorful Skullies


Pink Apples
Pink & White Apples
Bright Pink & White Apples
Orange & White Apples
Yellow & White Apples
Teal Green & White Apples
Blue & White Apples
Purple & White Apples
Grey & White Apples


Pink Flowers
Crazy Flower Burst
Spring Flowers *HOTT*
Spring Flowers *HOTT*
Swirlie Heart Flowers
Hawaiian Flowers
Bright Pink Daisies
Striking Red Flowers
Cute Pink Flowers
Sunflower Blues
Flower Glow
Colorful Sunflowers
Pink on Yellow Flowers *CUTE*
Corner Flower Garden
Tiny Pink Floral Pattern
Tiny Pink & Purple Floral Pattern
Tiny Purple Floral Pattern
Pretty Red Floral
Pretty Green Floral
Pretty Blue Floral
Pretty Purple Floral
Pretty Deep Pink Floral
Pretty Grey Floral
Pretty Black & White Floral
Cranberry Brown Floral *HOTT*
Navy Blue Floral *HOTT*
Pretty Pretty Pink Flowers


Flip Flop Icons Collage
Pink Flip Flops
Oh Snap Abstract
Fo Sho Abstract
XOXO Electric Colors 1
XOXO Electric Colors 2
Proud American
Grey Skulls Abstract
Grey Skulls Abstract
Pink & Green Skulls Abstract
Pink & Green Skulls Abstract
Pink Skulls on Black
Punk Princess
Girly Girl
Pink Swirls
Blue Swirls
Random Cuteness
Random Words
Pink Clouds
Black & White Splatters
Bubble Pop
Colorful X's *Thanks Tiff!*
Vibrant Evening Skyline
Vibrant Evening Skyline
Internet Talk
Lucky Charms Pixels 1
Lucky Charms Pixels 2
Pink & Blue Butterflies
Pink Dino
Blue Dino
Butterflies & Stripes
Butterflies & Stripes
Pink Umbrellas
Colorful Umbrella Abstract
God Bless Virginia Tech
God Bless Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech
Piano Keys
Red Punk Stripes & Skulls
Blue Punk Stripes & Skulls
Pink Punk Stripes & Skulls
Brown & Green Shapes Stripe
Grunge Butterfly
Cute Pink Buttons
Pretty Butterflies
Teal Abstract
Super Random Sunset Abstract
Blue Grass
Wild Pink & Yellow Heart Abstract
Cool Hearts & Stars
Blue Elegance
White Clouds on Sky Blue
White Clouds on Pink
Pink Clouds on White
Very Pink Clouds
Brown XOXO's
Random Punk Abstract
Green & Blue Striped Circles
Pretty Patterned Cloud Designs
Black & White Zig-Zags
Red & White Zig-Zags
Blue & White Zig-Zags
Grey Zig-Zags
Teal Zig-Zags
Pink Zig-Zags
Purple Zig-Zags
Orange & Yellow Zig-Zags
Hot Pink Headphones
Black & White Headphones
Hot Pink & White Headphones
Colorful Lightning - White
Colorful Lightning - Dark Grey
Cloud Drip with Hearts
Yellow & Blue Random Abstract
Peach & Muave Random Abstract
Blue & Purple Random Abstract 1
Blue & Purple Random Abstract 2
Black & White Random Abstract
Pink & Yellow Paint Splatters
Pink & Blue Paint Splatters
Cute Circle Shapes
Pink & Yellow Umbrellas
Rainbow Clouds
Colorful Music Notes
Kitty Kat
Colorful Kitties on White
Colorful Kitties on Black
Colorful Peace Signs
Pink Peace Signs
Pink Tie Dye
Pink Music Notes

Checkered & Plaid

Pink Plaid
Purple Plaid
Blue Plaid
Teal Plaid
Green Plaid
Orange Plaid
Black & White Checkers
Pink & White Checkers
Purple & White Checkers
Blue & White Checkers
Green & White Checkers
Red & White Checkers
Orange & White Checkers
Totally Blue Checkers
Blue & Navy Checkers
Totally Purple Checkers
Totally Pink Checkers
Watermelon Checkers
Pink, Orange, & White Checkers
Large Black & White Checkers
Chocolate Mocha Checkers
Chocolate & Pink Checkers
Pink & Yellow Checkers
Pink & Blue Checkers
Colorful Checker Stripes
Punk Pink Checker Stripes
Large Colorful Blocks
Preppy Pink Plaid
Pink & Grey Plaid
Bright Pink & Grey Plaid
Purple & Grey Plaid
Blue & Grey Plaid
Teal & Grey Plaid
Green & Grey Plaid
Yellow & Grey Plaid
Orange & Grey Plaid
White & Grey Plaid
Dark Grey Plaid
Red & Grey Plaid


Pink Argyle
Red Argyle
Melon Argyle
Orange Argyle
Yellow Argyle
Green Argyle
Teal Argyle
Blue Argyle
Baby Blue Argyle
Purple Argyle
Grey Argyle
Pink & Baby Blue Argyle
Navy & Baby Blue Argyle
Pink & Yellow Argyle
Pink & Peach Argyle
Chocolate & Pink Argyle
Chocolate Mocha Argyle
Orange & Yellow Argyle
Yellow & Blue Argyle
Green & Blue Argyle
Yellow & Green Argyle
Chocolate Mocha & Pink Argyle


Pink & Green Pixel Stars
Large Pink & Green Stars 1
Large Pink & Green Stars 2
Purple Stars *Thanks Tiff!*
Colorful Tiny Stars *Thanks Tiff!*
Red Stars on White
Bright Blue Stars on White
Baby Blue Stars on White
Purple Stars on White
Pink Stars on White
Orange Stars on White
Lime Green Stars on White
Green Stars on White
Teal Stars on White
Grey & Pink Stars
Rainbow Stars on Black
Pink & Orange Stars on Black
Pink, Blue & Purple Stars on Black
Curlie Pink Star
Hot Pink Striped Stars


Halloween Skulls
Happy Thanksgiving Pumpkins
Thanksgiving Psalm
Turkey Hand
Christmas Snowflakes
Christmas Swirls
Mistle Toe
Snowflakes 2
Christmas Snowmen
All I Want for Christmas is You
Christmas Trees
Pink Snowflakes
Happy New Year
Be Mine - Forever!
I Don't Give Valentines...
True Love
Summer Love 1
Summer is Here!!
Summer 2007 - Pink & Orange
Summer 2007 - Blue & Green
Summer Lovin'
Summer Love 2
Summer Oh Seven - Live It Up
Autumn Leaves 1
Autumn Leaves 2
Autumn Silhouette
Snow Circles
Let It Snow!
Merry Christmas
Red & Green Christmas Bulb Ornaments
Pink Christmas Bulb Ornaments
Funky Christmas Abstract *FAVE*
Green Snow
Red & White Snow
Santa is Coming to Town
Christmas Tree
Winter Wonderland Snowing Hearts *ANIMATED*
Live Laugh Love Snowing Hearts *ANIMATED*
Merry Christmas Snowing Hearts *ANIMATED*


Jesus Rocks!
This 'Lil Light of Mine


You Color My World Rainbow
Drama Made for Movies, Not Reality
Kiss Me Twice, I'm Schizophrenic
When Life Gives You Lemons
&& She Tries Not to Cry Over You
Every Song Reminds Me of You 1
Every Song Reminds Me of You 2
She Laughs at the Rumors
I Don't Do Fashion...I Am Fashion!
Leading Cause of Death
What is Love Anyway
There's a Little Bit of Me...
Who Are You to Judge
Same Old Story
If a Kiss Were a Raindrop...
Rain Drops Keep Falling
Don't Cry 'Cause It's Over
Close Your Eyes & Count by 2's
Someday You Will Realize...
Every Moment with You
Of All the Hearts in the World
Six Billion People in the World
Sometimes You Just Tell Him...
Baby, You're All I Need
I'll Love You 'Til the End
You'll Be My Forever && Ever Baby
Rock On
Love - It's in the Air
You Give Me Butterflies
&& Then She Smiles
Ur the Star in My Universe
Our Love Burned Like A Shooting Star
You're My Favorite Color - Crayon Box
&& You Can Just See in Her Eyes
Live Free
Butterfly Kisses
Love Yourself & He'll Come Around
Music - My Anti-Drug (Pink)
Music - My Anti-Drug (Green)
I Cry Your Name at Night
&& The World Just Fades
Never Too Old - Cardboard Boxes
Fermata Your Life Flute
Sending My Love
True Friends Footprints
I'll Guard It w/ My Life
Stop Dangling My Heart
I Love You
Will You Go Out With Me??
Forever You & Me
Sweet Like Candeh
I Wish I Could Fly Away
Keep It Safe
Be Who You Are
She Turns Up Her Music
God Made Us Best Friends
Love is When
It's the Art...
Hold Your Head High
Our Own Little World
Cut It Out
You Can Stand Under My Umbrella
Never Regret
My Heart Still Skips A Beat
Waiting by the Phone
Music is Love - Green
Music is Love - Pink


Peach Retro Flowers Layout
Green Retro Flowers Layout
80s Cassettes
Colorful Retro Dots 1
Colorful Retro Dots 2
Pink Retro Circles
60s Cheerleaders
70s Cheerleaders
Random Pink Retro
Random Peach Retro
Random Blue Retro
Pinky Retro
Blue Retro Flowers
Green Retro Flowers
Lime Retro Flowers
Yellow Retro Flowers
Orange Retro Flowers
Red Retro Flowers
Purple Retro Flowers
Pink Retro Flowers
Retro Alien
Retro Alien
Large Pink Retro Circles
Antique Butterflies - Brown
Antique Butterflies - Pink
Antique Butterflies - Purple
Snazzy Maroon Geo
Snazzy Peachy Pink Geo
Snazzy Orange & Cream Geo
Snazzy Purple Geo
Snazzy Sky Blue Geo
Snazzy Bright Green Geo
Snazzy Grey Geo
Snazzy Yellow Geo
Crazy Pink Passion Retro Circles
Crazy Purple Retro Circles
Crazy Teal Retro Circles
Pink Passion Retro Squares
Peach & Teal Retro Circles & Stripes
Gold & Brown Retro Squares
Retro iPod
Pink & Orange Retro Flowers
Retro Deep Pink Circle Drip
Awesome Retro Flowers
Awesome Pink Retro Flowers
Blue & Maroon Retro Boxes
Pink & Orange Retro Boxes


Boston Red Sox Logos
Colorado Rockies Logos


Mean Girls - So Fetch
Napoleon Dynamite
POTC - Johnny Depp


Marcia Marcia Marcia
One Tree Hill
Bart Simpson
Law & Order SVU
Urkel 1
Urkel 2
Felix the Cat


Steve Irwin
Hilary Duff
Gwen Stefani
Lindsay Lohan
Backstreet Boys Icon Collage 1
Backstreet Boys Icon Collage 2
Mandy Moore
Orlando Bloom


Roxy Rainbow Logo Lyt
Roxy Flip Flops
Prada Robot
Coach Icons Collage
Dr. Pepper
Abercrombie && Fitch
Element Skateboards
Element Logos


Black & White
Pale Pink
Bright Pink
Pale Green
Banana Yellow
Bright Sky Blue
Very Pale Pink
Green Mix
Brown & Pink
Pink & Red
Blue & Blue
Pink, Blue & Grey
Pink, Green & Grey
Black & White 2
Blue & Tan
Maroon & Gold
Deep Red & Yellow
Deep Pinks
Pink & Olive Green
Green & Pink
White with Pink
White with Green
White with Yellow
Black & Yellow
Baby Blue & Green
White with Blue
White with Purple
White with Melon
Teal, Green, & Peach


Grey Skulls Abstract
Pink & Green Skulls Abstract
Black & White Stripes
Grey & White Stripes
Pink & White Stripes
Black & Orange Stripes
Rainbow Stripes 1
Rainbow Stripes 2
Halloween Skulls
Pink Skulls on Black
Colorful Retro Dots
Black & White Splatters
Uno Cards *requested*
Nature *requested*
Pink Stars Rings
Orange Slice Smile
Raindrops 1
Raindrops 2
Colorful Bright Stars on Yellow
Tiny Stars
Black & Yellow Hearts
Colorful Star Circles
Pink & Yellow Stars
Blue, Black, White Guitars
Pink & Blue Elegant
Colorful Splatters
Doodles & Stars
Green Stars & Bubbles
Colorful Flowers
Pink & Black Skulls on Grey 1
Pink & Black Skulls on Grey 2
Black & White Skulls
Green & Yellow Horses
Pink Retro Circles
Colorful Retro Circles
Pink & Yellow Floral
Magazine Words
Colorful Floral

More defaults! Be sure to use the "full code". :]


One Week Quote *Thanks Brit!*
Nuclear Destruction *Thanks Brit!*
Neon Love *Thanks Brit!*
Tweety *Thanks Tiff!*
FairyLand *Thanks Tiff!*
Nature DIV
Rainbow Clouds & Hearts DIV
Antique DIV
Rainbow DIV
Colorful Black Abstract DIV